In-House Coach & Healer

Jenn joined the Willo&Co team in January 2021 to amplify & support the BEING  aspect of our holistic trifecta coaching model (Being + Doing + Having), because we know that emotional healing + spiritual awakening = business transformation!

Jenn's speciality is helping heart-centered, purpose driven business owners heal anything that may still be holding you back as you deepen more fully into the truth of who you are.

(Yes, this is very similar to Willo's work, hence why she was on the team! However, Jenn dives deeper into somatic energy healing.)

She's here to help you Evolve Your Consciousness, Anchor Divine Light, and Illuminate Your Path as you integrate difficult emotions, heal past traumatic experiences, and re-write the negative story lines that have kept you stuck.  

This includes:

  • Identifying (and clearing) negative energy and behavior patterns that are keeping you stuck or  holding you back
  • Healing old stories and rewriting new ones
  • Overcoming fear & self doubt
  • Creating and deepening your connection to Source energy
  • Dialing in and tuning up your intuitive superpowers
  • Connecting to the Heart of your business
  • Shadow work
  • Visibility fears
  • Intuitive pricing
  • Making confident decisions
  • Healing self betrayal, mother/father wounds, ancestral wounds
  • Addressing deeper traumas and somatic healing
  • Shifting into more abundance, ease, and flow

Jenn helps you step into a fuller embodiment of your gifts, so that you can bring your heart-centered work forward in more impactful and abundant ways, simply by Being You.

Together you will slow down, tune in, and open your body, mind, heart, and spirit to the Flow of Universal/Source Energy, so that you can confidently put your goals into action!

Guidelines for Receiving Support

  • Private sessions with Jenn are dependent upon how many private sessions you have available. If you have private sessions with Willo, then you are able to choose to use those for support from Willo or book in with Jenn instead. If you have any questions on this, just ask us!

Jenn is no longer an official part of the team, as my program offering has changed. However, she remains a dear friend and an incredible healer who's willing to offer my clients & members a special rate. 

Ask Willo about booking a private session with Jenn.

What other members are saying...

"I knew it was beyond time to raise my rates but I wanted to make the decision that was fully aligned with the value of the service I provide.  My energy began shifting the moment I scheduled a session with Jenn which speaks to her ability to hold space for the healing journey of others.  

My session with Jenn was beyond valuable as it highlighted several old stories that were influencing what I was currently charging and how I was viewing my own self worth.  

Jenn is a gifted energy healer with a deep understanding of the energetics of money.  She was able to help me energetically ground and anchor myself in divine love so that the clarity I was seeking flowed to me effortlessly.  I am an energy healer as well and I don't believe I could have unearthed such valuable soul information without her support and guidance.  

The value of the service Jenn provides extends far beyond the monetary value of her work.  It will flow over into every aspect of your life and open portals for healing where you least expect it." - Cassie

"I didn’t know what to expect in my session with Jenn, but it was clear from the start that the focus needed to be on the difficulty I had in connecting with Source. And oh boy, I don’t know how she did it, but within minutes of being in her presence I could feel my connection to Source come alive within me – It was both intense and soooo liberating!

Working with her allowed me to voice many of the things I had previously only talked to my partner Kate about, and in doing so, I was able to release so much of the stuckness/blockage/discomfort/shame/guilt I had around the my perceived disconnection from Source. I have so much gratitude that I was able to release long withheld tears and felt a big weight lift off my chest, as my heart opened again!

Working with Jenn helped me gain clarity in why I had unconsciously blocked myself from truly connecting to Source. I was able to voice, share and better understand my big concern/fear of being a fraud, i.e. “Am I truly hearing the voice and guidance of Source or am I conveniently making this up?" That part of our talk was so freeing for me.

Jenn helped me clarify that I want to be deeply connected to Source in my work, so that I can be divinely guided through my intuition and my sensitivity, as a creative/designer/photographer. Now that I understand now where Source “fits” into my life, I am free to be an “undercover” intuitive. Which allows for being guided in my design and creative work, following my intuition when I design, use my intuition/empathy/sensitivity in my relationship with my clients, to truly “connect” with them. Doing life in this way allows for me to fully express the truth of who I am while deeply serving my clients. Who could ask for more than that?" - Val 

"Jen - I was deeply, deeply, deeply touched at your ability to hold space and the incredible tender wisdom you shared. It was pure joy to be witness to this and as I drove through the Lake District on my way to Scotland, I started to feel shifts.

I felt expansive. I felt hopeful. Lighter. Excited. I know I can do this!" - Tracy Jane

Contact Willo to inquire about booking a private session with Jenn.