Module 1, Lesson 1
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Content Marketing


Here’s an easy, step-by-step way to create your content, and use Trello to support you in a structured flow to get it edited, scheduled and published.


  1. Content Curation
    • Gather big list
    • Choose or prioritize 12 related, juicy, best topics
  2. Content Creation
    • Interview
      • Email/Invite Interviewee
      • Schedule call
      • Hold call
    • Video
    • Blog post
  3. Content Editing
    • Video Editing
    • Copy Editing
  4. Graphics & Social Media Posts
    • Write Posts for your chosen platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram)
    • Create accompanying graphic
  5. Schedule Content
    • Blog posts (WordPress, Medium or whatever your site is hosted on)
    • Social Media (Hootsuite is a good scheduler)
  6. Move to Completed/Published
    (once scheduled post has been published)

STEP 1: Content Curation

Pull together all of your Content Ideas or brainstorm a fresh, new list right now! Though, I’d prefer you gather your already existing ideas, as there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Capitalize on what you’ve already created!

Easy ways to generate content ideas:

  • What are their pain points?
  • Think Problem > Benefits > Solution
  • Little slice approach: Give them a little slice of the whole cake for free
  • What questions do you get asked all the time?
  • What resource, tip or guidance do you find yourself sharing all the time?
  • Share your experience
  • Share what you see (commentary or review)
  • Share the experience of your customers/clients
  • Share your progress & process (enroll/invite them in)
  • Faith’s great guidance from the call: Introduction (define problem, educate) + Consideration (know the problem, give them a guide) + Decision (help them decide with live demos, reviews, etc) = this is actually a great structure for a Launch sequence!

Now, look over all your content ideas & pull out the Top 12 ideas. These are the blog/video post ideas that hit your target customers pain-points, speak the most truth to the problem/solutions your product/service, and will also most likely do well in search engines (for SEO). If you’re planning to roll out a new piece of quality content every week, these 12 will take you through the next 3 months!

  • Add all your ideas to this first column, Content Ideas and then reorder them to place the top 12 at the very top.
  • Remember: Some ideas can be broken into 3-5 different posts!

STEP 2: Content Creation

Schedule space in your calendar to Create Content. Key tip here: BATCHING!

Don’t wait until you “feel like it” or wait until you “find the time” – be INTENTIONAL. This is a business, not a hobby. You can do this.

  • Schedule 2-3 hours where you are ready to sit down and create a few of your pieces. Get in CREATION mode! Let it be fun! Put on some music or light a candle. It can even be helpful to turn off the internet and set a timer for 20-minute increments to start, so every 20 minutes you can be sure you’re still focused and in it and not pouring a glass of wine or searching in the fridge for a snack. :p
  • When you sit down to write or create your video, you get to choose from all of the top ideas! Which one feels in alignment with what you want to share today? Where does your energy flow? Make it easy and have fun with it.
  • Stay focused and practice self-compassion. Often we get derailed, because we let our lizard brain take over or we put other’s needs before ours. This is you acting on behalf of your brilliance. Stay true to it by supporting yourself with structure. Keep setting the timer. Get up and dance, move it through to get back into a silly/playful/light feeling. Keep getting into relationship with what you want to share and why this is important. What’s the outcome you desire? Remind yourself that this is part of moving things forward. Stay in it, and I promise you, this will get easier!

STEP 3: Content Editing

Once your content is created – even if it’s a shitty first draft! – you can then move it onto the Content Editing list. Editing might be your next step, or if you have an assistant, copy editor or video editor, this may be where you assign it to them.

  • I recommend you put the publish date on it now, but always be working at least a week in advance (if not more). Be sure to advise your team of this as well, so everyone is on the same page with the timeline.

STEP 4: Graphics & Social Media

Once your content is created, edited & ready, you’ll want to move it over to Graphics & Social Media. Again, this may be something you do or folks on your team. Place the accompanying images and text in the card itself. These will be used when scheduling social media posts.

Note: Social media posts will be published when the post or video goes live, however there also may be some that you post in the following week or two as well, in order to promote your piece of content in several different ways.

This is where the polyhedron metaphor (think Rubik’s Cube) comes in. Think of looking at this piece of content from all sides to come up with several different ways to point to your one piece of content:

  • Grab a quote or poignant sentence or two from the video/article.
  • State the question, i.e. “Ever wonder how…” or even “One of the most frequently asked questions around here is…”
  • Share your personal experience with this topic, as a lead in
  • Share someone’s response or reaction to it, and potentially even your appreciation for that as well (this is the Social Proof that can get some to click, because it creates curiosity)

Create the graphic with the title or a quote. Here are some easy & free ways to create graphics online:

STEP 6: Schedule Content

Schedule the content to go live, and all the related social media posts! If you haven’t already, be sure the Due Date on the card is set to the Publish Date.

This is the best part, because when you work in advance, you can keep this hopper full and never be rushed to get content out last minute!

STEP 7: Move to Published/Completed

Once the article or video has published, you can move it over to Published! Wahoo!