Imagine KNOWING you're putting your energy in the RIGHT PLACES to take your business EXACTLY where you want it to go...

The LightMap® Academy will help you

within yourself AND in your business

Become CLEAR & CONFIDENT in your offerings
and implement systems for FOCUS & FLOW in your business.

An easy-to-follow 90-Day Program that quickly shows you how to gain clarity and get focused on taking the RIGHT steps - aligned for where you are in your business -

so you can take heart-centered action without the confusion, overwhelm, and stress.

This is the ongoing emotional & strategic support that will ensure you gain traction.

“I loved how focused the program was on moving forward with intention and embodying the qualities of our desired outcome. I know that I work best when there is accountability, and with Willo's generous support I made progress every week.

With Willo's guidance we were all met with solutions and suggestions matching where we were at. This meant that we all moved forward with more focus and the results have been amazing. It's way more fun to partake in the entrepreneurial journey together with other women around the world!”

Jenny Karlsson

Financials for Creatives

"Willo is a magical combination of spiritual and emotional guidance and rock solid practicality. Her guidance comes from a space of intuition and is then brought in to reality by being backed up with grounded steps to get to where you need to be.

One of my favorite parts about working with Willo is the clarity that I have about the future of my business and what is possible for me.
The benefits of this program have overflowed in to every part of my life. My relationships are better and I am much happier."

Lesley Arnold

Online Business Manager

Why Other Programs Don't Work

All business theory, yet no support for the human being in you: your fears, insecurities, behavior patterns, and mindset. 

It's too easy to hold yourself back because of insecurity.

Cookie-cutter steps, but no accountability or community. When you work on your own, you find yourself spinning in confusion or procrastination for days, weeks, even months. 

You need a space to fully show up and receive support for YOU.

All hype, no practicality or steps that move you forward. Leaves you pumped, but it's hard to know what to do next.

You need clarity, guidance, & focus to get back in the flow.


The online program, global community, and steadfast accountability you need to  E X P A N D  into your next evolution of personal & professional growth.

The LightMap® Academy [Course]

Insightful inquiries to guide you to profound clarity on your gifts and your message, while cultivating a deeper trust in yourself, your work, and your value.

Practical and strategic trainings allow which will help you identify inefficient leaks, better structure your time, and empower you to market your services in an aligned, authentic, and energetically sustainable way.

Scroll down to view details on each of the Core Modules of this program (& Bonuses) that help you Own Your Gifts, Align Your Actions, and Flourish in Your Calling! 

The Genius Group & Allies Global [Community]

There's nothing like this sacred container of support to provide you with insightful reflection, valuable feedback, and the accountability you need to reach your goals. 

No more doing it all on your own!

You'll be joining a like-minded community of driven, tuned-in, ambitious women who are also doing incredible work in the world.

The dedicated, private group (on Slack) serves as an emotionally safe place to share your big wins, ask advice, and stay accountable on your progress every single day of the week.

Witness other creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs taking big leaps & making it happen. We're here to hold space for you as you step into your next level of evolutionary expansion – personally & professionally!

Accountability & Support [1:1 Coaching]

Starting with your Clarity Map Kickoff Call, you'll immediately have a roadmap for getting from A to B in your business. Imagine knowing exactly where to put your focus & having the support to get there - what a relief!

Every other week, you'll attend LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Willo Sana and your fellow Genius Members to share wins, ask questions, and receive direct business coaching & guidance for where YOU are in your business. 

This is game-changing Emotional & Strategic Support is held in a Sacred Container that Willo sets & masterfully holds. 

We also hold Monthly Bonus Calls with guest Guidance Council Experts for even more personalized coaching & support! 

 "I have an incredible fear of failure and I sabotage myself continuously. 

It’s like I have default programming in my head that says I can't do it.

I have the skills... but it's my mindset that stops me."


"I wanted help taking my business to the next level. I needed help communicating with clients, bringing more structure into my business when it comes to my rates, knowing my worth and just general business guidance.

Willo was extremely attentive during our session, asked a lot of questions, and had a ton of information, resources, and connections to share with me. Her genuine desire to help me was very apparent and I loved how she began the session with creating a safe & intentional space."

Jessica Linderman

Videographer - Photographer - Producer

"I was excited for Willo to dive into some pieces in my business that I needed support with and add a ton of value to them. She is a master business strategist, her coaching pierces you to the core, while allowing you to feel completely safe and supported.

Willo knows what she is doing like the back of her hand because she's walked the road before. I would feel completely confident refering my friends and colleagues to work with Willo. Thank you!"

Kristen Hill

CEO - Sales Activator

How You'll Grow Personally & Professionally

Mindset & Heartset

Surface & clear the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks holding you back in your life & business

Business Strategy & Marketing

 Move forward in a consistent way with practical business strategies aligned with your stage of growth

Spiritual & Personal Growth

 Connect with and embrace your gifts without fear of failure, or being paralyzed by mis-alignment and overwhelm 

 "I feel so isolated - no community - for accountability, trying to work through ideas,

sorting out technical details, etc. My husband is a great cheerleader, but that's not helpful. 
I feel like a lot of online groups are a selfish grab and not actually supportive."

"I'm searching for a container of support, to be heard and allowed

to expand my creative visions with solid feedback and structure to implement for success."

THE   Community

Ever wish you could find a group of women who...

Are role models for your own success.

Make up your team, tribe, sisterhood where that magic happens because others are involved.

 Provide a forum for you openly discuss the things you're struggling with strategically and receive guidance and suggestions to how to adjust or work on those things.

Offer accountability so you can get momentum, rather than bursts of motivation then fizzling out.

Allow you to be big, to expand, in a supportive community, rather than feeling you need to hold back your gifts, light or creativity for fear of being judged, making others look small or just being too much.

Offer a container of support, to be heard and allowed to expand your creative visions with solid feedback and structure to implement for success.

Supportive + Insightful + Connected

A community of women that lift each other up.

Where you get to show up in all of who you are, and meet others who are committed to showing up authentically, too!

Where you are inspired and you inspire others to RISE UP.

 A place to share challenges and receive compassionate reflection, experienced insight, and loving guidance.

A place to share your innate strengths and have them be
nurtured and encouraged.

Receive access to this dynamic

sisterhood of tuned-in women entrepreneurs!

What Clients Are Saying

Real world, unedited comments from the incredible women that have worked with Willo.

Let's Dive Into What You'll Learn

8 Core Modules + Bonus Content

Module 1: Define Your Unique Magic

Own & Honor the Gifts Coming Through You

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You'll Master:

  • Witness and heal any grief around not fully giving your gifts and doing the important work you're here to do in this life. Anchoring your deep WHY & heart's desire to change lives for the better, make a difference doing what you're really good at, and get paid really well doing it! 
  • Define Your Unique Magic & Zone of Genius - the one that’s aligned for YOU, not the square peg/round hole of what you think you have to do or who you’re supposed to become.
  • If you’re in more of the Creation/Foundation phases, you'll be guided through how to choose & run with an idea, so you can start making offers (and stop getting paralyzed by the how & what-if’s).
  • Cultivating a strong relationship with your Self; healing the “Not Enough” and getting to the root of your fears/issues/stories.
  • Defining what you need to cultivate a holistic, sustainable business for the lifestyle you desire; e.g. what you need physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to give yourself the space to recover and continue showing up at the level you do.  

"I don't want to feel like I'm wasting my talent and holding myself back because of insecurity."

Module 2: The 90-Day Clarity Map

Clarify Your Vision and Create a Plan

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You'll Master:

  • Simple, yet powerful, step-by-step worksheets to create actionable results you can start implementing right away.
  • Stop the self-limiting cycles of feeling scared or being in a constant state of overwhelm, which leads to numbing, derailing, distracting, deluding yourself, and lulling yourself into false mediocrity.
  • Emboldened clarity for your active, creative mind, the transformational emotional support for your heart-/mindset, AND the actionable guidance that gets you out of your comfort zone (which in reality is not so comfortable)! It is this trifecta that will help catalyze the life-changing shifts and empower you to take the heart-centered actions that will liberate you to shine your innate, bright light and unapologetically get your important work out there in the world!

Module 3: Magnetize Your Win-Win Clients

Define Who You Want to Serve

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You'll Master:

  • How to articulate and share your message clearly, in order to feel fully aligned with (and believe in!) what you're offering.
  • Further identify your niche and communicate directly to your target audience, in order to start moving and progressing towards your next level!
  • Stop feeling envious or insecure that others seem to have it down & figured it out and you don't. This will transform your ability to connect with more people through clearer communication, presence, and confidence!
  • Clarity around your unique process for how you serve, support, and show up for your people; giving you the confidence you need to own and sell it like a boss.

Module 4: Clarify Your Message & Embody Your Brilliance

Clearly Communicate Your Value

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You'll Master:

  • Taking all the threads and partially built bridges you've established over the years and find a way to tie them together into a personal brand that you can clearly communicate to everyone.
  • Translating what you do. Getting rid of any barriers for really step into your message.
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and feel confident in your offerings and your ability to intake and manage clients
  • Seeing how important your gifts are. Fully owning your gifts & getting how important it is to not stay small, hide, discount or disregard the beautiful gift that you have.
  • Reclaim your magnificence by cultivating a deep connection and relationship with your inner knowing. 
  • Receiving downloads and messages that are shifting the way you see the world, what’s possible, and there's a looming sensation that it's solely up to you to ensure you're doing something with this information.

"I want to be in service to the world with my gifts, but how do I make money with this?"

Module 5: The Art of Pricing, Packaging, & Promoting Your Offers

Define Your Offers and Develop a Pricing Strategy

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You'll Master:

  • Know how to stand in the value of what you do and the time/energy it requires
  • Build the muscle of talking about money, ensuring you get paid before you start the work
  • Develop a pricing strategy that's going to sustain you, give value to your time and energy, and allow you to stop trading your time for dollars.
  • Never work for free or undercharge again.
  • How to do what you love and get paid well for it!
  • How to create packages that are a win-win for you and your clients.

Module 6: Get Out of Your Own Way

Developing Processes, Systems and Hiring

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You'll Master:

  • Standard operating procedures for your business and your team.
  • Free up your time & space by establishing clear systems and processes for all aspects of your business.
  • Your ability to manage your energy - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually - all of these are crucial in your being able to continually show up at your best day after day.
  • Improve your current systems/processes so you can allow the business to function, while you take a well-deserved break.
  • Get out of 'business startup mode' (which often means chaos) and have your systems and processes implemented and running like a well-oiled machine, so that you can focus on yourself and what you do best!

"I want to offer from my heart, what I love, without stress, and WITH fun and enthusiasm"

Module 7: Authentic Marketing Mastery

Being Visible Online & Sales for Those Who are Afraid of Being “Too Salesy”

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You'll Master:

  • The art of putting yourself out there without feeling pushy or full of yourself.
  • The confidence to share your message in an aligned way, without falling into the trap of holding yourself back because of insecurity.
  • The inner work of eradicating limiting beliefs such as "I'm not good enough" or "who would want to listen to what I have to share."
  • Embracing how you stand out, rather than trying to figure out where you fit in.
  • Practical marketing know-how on the most impactful marketing strategies for your particular type of business.
  • How to create systems to reach your target customers at scale.

Module 8: Scaling To Momentum & Thriving Financially

Develop a Business that Works for You and Allows You to Serve More People

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You'll Master:

  • How to identify and plug the holes in your leaky buckets - tasks, processes, and circumstances that are holding you back from expanding.
  • Formulas and business models to get you out of trading time for dollars. Form a better relationship with time by moving into a more a sustainable business model.
  • Creating support systems that streamline the process of doing business.
  • How to exit the hustle, and step into flow & alignment.  
  • How to leverage and multiply the fruitful harvest you've put your love into all these years to get where you are today.
  • Saying no, and healing up any leftover binds of being a people pleaser.
  • Standing up for yourself, feeling IN-powered, and acting on behalf of your big vision!

Remember, while the course content is valuable... the true benefit comes from CONNECTING WITH THE COMMUNITY and having access to an experienced business owner & master coach for personalized guidance and answers to your questions & challenges when they arise!

What's Your Genius?

I've been hired by some of the most brilliant founders, life-changing healers, creative service-providers, and visionary game-changers around the world to expand their businesses and thrive in their genius...

    Beauty Studio Owners
    Wellness Studio Owners

    Creative Directors
    Executive Producers
    Art Gallery/Studio Owners

   Best-Selling Authors
    TEDx Speakers
    Event Founders
    Startup Founders
    Marketing Experts
    Digital Strategists

"I needed clarity in moving forward with next steps in my career & offerings to the world. Willo's program is responsible for truly giving me CLARITY. Helping me create RHYTHM. Allowing me to feel CONNECTED. Remembering my POWER.

There are a lot of online business coaching packages out there but if you're looking to be really seen, held to account for your greatness and a part of an intimate container of creatives, Willo's program is the one."

Emily Griffin

Innovation Strategist

"Since beginning with the group, I've had to rebrand my business, an unforeseen hiccup that had the potential to be a huge stress. With Willo's help I was able to pull together the new brand quickly and continue to move forward.

I have also really defined my niche - my brand's core message, which are totally aligned to my personal values - AND gained more clarity about how I want to work with my clients."

Anita Bronwyn Toi

Writer, Coach & Entrepreneur

I've been speaking on stages around the world since 2007 – empowering creative entrepreneurs in everything from online marketing, business systems and productivity, to self-care, facing your fears and following your heart anyway!

The LightMap Academy program is a compilation of all of the business strategies and transformation techniques I've learned and mastered over the last 19+ years, guiding, and coaching thousands of creative visionaries just like you.

What Clients Are Saying

Real world, unedited comments from the tuned-in

women that have worked with Willo.

Feel like you're not making true progress, keep wasting time by reinventing the wheel over & over... or you're just on the cusp of momentum but can't quite make the leap? 

Don't let another day, week, month, or year go by.

It's time for your next move.


90-Day Business Coaching Program

Access to 'The LightMap® Academy' 90-Day Course with week-by-week lessons, workbooks, and bonus content!  

One Private 60-minute Coaching Sessions with Transformational Business Coach, Willo Sana

LIVE Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Willo Sana & other Genius Group Members

Access to THE #Allies-Global Community (on Slack) & a private channel for Genius Members, for 24/7 Mastermind Accountability & Support

Monthly LIVE Bonus Calls with Guest Guidance Council Experts on everything from Content Creation & Digital Marketing Strategy to Human Design, Trauma Healing, and Astrology 


To apply, click the button below and book a Clarity Call with Willo. Once that's scheduled, you'll be sent the application questionnaire to complete in preparation for the call.


1. Clarity Map Kickoff Call: A Private, One-on-One 90-Minute Video Coaching Call with Willo Sana to fully create & plan out your initial 90-Day Clarity Map ($1,500 Value)

2.  Access to 'Focus & Flourish: Systems & Structures that Inspire Flow & Maximize Prosperity' Mini Course ($500 Value)

Apply Today to get these Exclusive

ActionTaker Bonuses

Bonus #1

Create & Clarify your Focus with Willo's 90-Day Clarity Map process!

Receive a Private, One-on-One 90-Minute Video Coaching Call with Willo Sana to fully create & plan out your Clarity Map –ensuring the goals you have set are maximizing all that is possible for you!! 

This includes an editable template that you will co-create together on the call to get your goals & intentions crystal clear, while receiving solid guidance on how to keep the momentum going throughout the year. 

The clarity, structure, and focus this cultivates for you will completely change the way you see & set goals for yourself in your life & business!

Bonus #2

Focus & Flourish: Systems & Structures that Inspire Flow & Maximize Prosperity (Mini-Course)

As a creative, you probably know WAY more about what it feels like to be in the flow. However, sometimes you can’t find that flow, or you’re overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS and don’t know where to start. This is where I love to put my geeky hat on & help you Focus & Flourish!!

I will walk you through my proven system for getting clear on your most important work. How to manage your time and energy, all of which will help you see where the leaky buckets are in your life & business so you can start optimizing your energy and maximizing your PROSPERITY! 

ANY Questions?

Hey there, beautiful creative! I know this may feel like a big step, and you may have a few questions before you can fully dive in. My team & I are always available to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch below, or scroll down for the FAQ.

What Clients Are Saying

Real world, unedited comments from the badass women who have hired & trusted Willo.


Willo Sana

Willo Sana has been called an Oracle, an Alchemist, a Liberator, and a Doula for Hatching Big Ideas. Her experienced guidance and masterful facilitation of individuals and groups is rooted in compassionate commitment, conscious mindset/behavior rewiring, and channeled energy transmissions, all of which playfully inspire, cultivate, and strengthen our relationship with self/divine spirit.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Willo has continually faced her fears, followed her heart, and founded over half-a-dozen creative businesses over the last 19+ years. Through her speaking, coaching, and writing, she serves as a dynamic catalyst for high-profile leaders and rapidly evolving spiritual visionaries – including best-selling authors, TEDx speakers, psychologists, naturopaths, healers, coaches, lightworkers, and more.

Born & raised in the mountains of Colorado, Willo then spent 18 years living in San Francisco before moving to SE Asia in 2014 (Hong Kong, Bali, and Thailand). After five years abroad, she's now back in the US, based in Portland, OR.

Willo's grand vision for creating heaven on earth is that we all wake up and recognize we’ve been uniquely placed here, at this moment in time, to share our unique gifts with each other; thereby cultivating more peace, compassion, and meaningful connection. 

Whether your genius is to love, heal, inspire, transform, teach, or ignite a revolution… now is the time!

Her upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius: Own Your Gifts, Align Your Actions, and Flourish in Your Calling, will be released in 2021.

Transformational Results

What Academy Graduates Are Saying


"What time are the Live Coaching Calls ?"

If you live anywhere in North or South America or Europe/Africas, the live call times will work for you! 

Most of the calls will be at 8am PT/11am ET/4pm London. A second call time may be added soon to accommodate those in Asia/Bali/Australia.

To be added to the waitlist for other call times and/or to receive a complete schedule of the calls, please email

"What if I feel like I don't have time for this?"

Consciously choosing to enroll in The LightMap Academy means stepping into a container that will support you in working on yourself and on your business, in order to get off the hamster wheel and create the space required to take your business to the next level. 

I work with many busy, successful entrepreneurs, and they all have hired me because they too don't have time to waste. They know the value of this kind of support and guidance in order to ensure they're not unnecessarily spinning their wheels, coasting, or making inefficient choices that won't get them where they want to go.

I've designed this program with FOCUS in mind. This is high-level support and guidance with an experienced facilitator and coach - that will help you get the clarity, emotional support, and specific strategy YOU need to move your business forward. 

As the saying goes though, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it... and I am here to support you 100%! 

"Do you also offer Private, One-on-One Business Coaching?"

If you absolutely do not want to do group coaching, I do have a few spaces for Private 1:1 VIP Coaching. This is best for experienced entrepreneurs who are already making close to or above 6-figures in their business. 

We believe we've got some really solid individual support built into this program. However, once you enroll, you can always add-on additional Private Coaching with Willo, should you want a little extra support.

To explore either of these options, start a chat with us and/or book a call.

"What if I'm not sure this is right for me or I don't feel ready?"

If you've found yourself reading through a most of the information of this page to get all the details, and you're asking yourself these questions... that's a pretty good sign that this program IS right for you and you ARE ready! 

In my experience, we let doubt take over and hold us back. And most think they're "not ready," that's also just  fear holding you back.

I dually respect that you are discerning, and want to be sure you can maximize a program like this and/or trust that I'm the right coach for you. Especially if you're new to me & my work. Heck, it can feel like a big leap even to those who have known me for years & trust me. But this is always because it's ultimately about you making the courageous investment in YOURSELF.

If you do want to familiarize yourself more with me and my work, there are many free resources on my site and social profiles that will help. Just don't get distracted by consuming, when you know that what you REALLY will benefit from is dedicated support, guidance & accountability customized for you.

This isn't another program you can throw money away on and have it sit on your hard drive (I mean, you could... but I don't think either of us want that). This is about you showing up on behalf of your ideas, yourself, your business, and your heart - which knows that even if this feels a little scary, it's in a good way... like butterflies-in-your-tummy because it's an exciting new adventure. 

Trust yourself that you know what feels right. If you're feeling like this is it, then take the bold leap to enroll and lovingly call in the support you've been longing for! 

It's  just as important to me that this is a fit as it is to you. Therefore, if you have any questions, or you're simply not sure and want to talk it through, I openly invite you to start a chat with me and/or book a call

Note: If you absolutely cannot find a time on my calendar within the countdown timeframe, and you book in a call now with the intention of wanting to claim this deal once you ensure it is right for you, I WILL HONOR IT FOR YOU while we're on the call.

I have zero interest in selling you something that's not aligned for you, and will be the first to say so if we speak and I hear that it genuinely isn't a good fit. So, if you're feeling drawn to this, and just have a few questions... take a moment to ask.  

I put 100% into this, and as soon as you step in, me & my team are supporting you! We want to see you put both feet in 100% as well, because we know that when you do... you move mountains! 

"Is this for women only?"

Yes, for now, this particular program is only open to those who identify as women. 

This was a bit of a tough decision to make, as I have had the honor of working with many amazing male entrepreneurs, and still do in my one-on-one coaching! I've even exchanged a few kind emails from the men in my community about this, which I have taken to heart. I love that my work is resonating for so many creative visionaries out there - men & women alike - and I will continue to listen to the requests of the brilliant, heart-centered humans who are called to work with me.

Ultimately, I guide and coach more of "The Feminine Way" of doing business. Which, in particular, supports women who are more interested in Alignment vs Hustle; and for those who have been working way too long in "The Masculine Way" of Doing, and are ready to step into more Receiving, Flow, and Being as they allow their gifts to come through them. 

This doesn't mean it's one or the other (Masculine or Feminine), it means having a healthy integration of Doing and Being, which I think we're all learning (or unlearning, as it were). This is also not to say that this 'way' wouldn't also be beneficial for men. It very much is, and I know many amazing men who are modeling this integration beautifully! 

However, for now, and for this container... I am passionate about creating safe spaces for women to heal and re-learn what it means to be connected and supportive of each other, and help each other RISE UP. I'm honored to have facilitated a lot of healing and connection in this space, and it's become apparent to me time-and-time again how transformational it is. 

p.s. If you are a man witnessing groups of women coming together, I hope you will show your support. 

"I think I want to do this, but I have some questions still not answered on this page..."

Totally  understandable.

If you are resonating with this, but have questions, don't hesitate to start a chat with me, book a call, or email and ask. That's what we're here for!

Most importantly, don't let fear or your ego hold you back from what's possible. I get that it's scary, and there's no shame in asking for support. In fact, it's truly paramount on your path of evolving and growing personally and professionally, and creating a safe space for you to receive the support you need is what we're all about around here!  

So, trust the call and act on behalf of what's calling you by getting any further information you need to make a decision for yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you!

© Willo&Co LLC