Become a Beacon to Your Ideal Clients

Attracting your ideal client means you get to work with people who energize and inspire you, allowing you to produce your best results. Searching for these inspirational co-creators can be difficult, which is why I’ve developed a workshop that brings those clients straight to your door.

When you’re a beacon to fellow creative souls, you have the opportunity to find fulfilment in the work you’re doing and reach the heights you were meant to scale. These high-quality clients...

    Show Up for the task at hand;
    Are incredibly motivated;
    Happily pay your fees;
    Empower you to achieve the amazing results you're capable of!

Now think about your current client base

Do you have clients who you dread working with?
Are you taking on projects that aren't fulling alignment with what you want to do?
Do you seem to be attracting clients who don't want to pay your rates?
Do you want to raise your rates, but are nervous you'll lose clients who can't pay?

If that sounds familiar this course is for you!

Get instant access and Magnetize Your Win-Win Clients today!

If you have a service-based business, you probably got started because you love helping people. However, somewhere along the way you may have over-compromised or stopped believing in yourself and lost sight of what your heart wants and needs.

When you are in alignment and clear on what your unique magic is, you will begin (almost magically) to attract your ideal clients. Using a practiced process laid out in Magnetize Your Win-Win Clients, I teach entrepreneurs and business owners to make themselves irresistible to the clients who will bring them fulfillment.

Are you ready for...

Dream-worthy clients who magically come to you? 

"Working with Willo has impacted my life and business by allowing me to play big!

One of my favorite parts about working with Willo is her calm, patient presence, and intuitive ability to guide me in my business. I'm actively moving toward what I want to create in my life, with solid, simple steps.

RACHAEL WEBB  //  Spiritual Coach & Business Advisor

"Willo leaves me energized,​​​​ with a bounce in my step and love in my heart!

If you want support to reconnect with your best self in ways that are creative, playful, profound and action oriented, reach out to Willo and let the magic begin. 

KIRTHI NATH //  Independent Filmmaker 

In this course you will...



DEFINE Your Unique Magic

The brilliant spark within that never fails to light you up is what draws others to you. Like a moth to a flame, people won’t be able to resist you when you let yourself shine! In this course, I’ll teach you how to identify those special embers, so you can nurture them to burn bright and attract the best clients.



LEARN To Identify Your Ideal Client

Every creative entrepreneur’s dream is to connect with clients they ‘click’ with. Finding someone who gets you and who you feel a bond with is the ultimate win. These ideal clients energize and inspire you to do your best work. Through this course, you’ll learn how to magnetize your ideal client, who shows up fully, happily pays your fees, and works with you to achieve great results. Win-Win!



FREE YOURSELF From Outdated Agreements

Discovering your unique magic and identifying your ideal client will make you realize you may have been working with people who aren’t igniting your true genius. Now that you’re saying YES to the business your heart craves, I’ll teach you how to say NO to clients who aren't a true fit for your current passion and strengths..



DISCOVER How To Kindle Your Fire

At this stage in the course, you are on FIRE, which means your light is burning bright! It’s time to bring clients to your campfire and let them bask in the benefits only you can provide. This course will teach you techniques that will attract new Win-Win clients to you, so you can serve them with authenticity, integrity, and sincerity.

Willo Sana //  Heart-Centered Business Coach

​I am a Doula for Hatching Big Ideas.

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve launched several creative small businesses of my own over the last 15 years. I have served as co-founder for two startups and I’ve developed multiple online programs, workshops and in-person retreats focused on serving and supporting other creative, visionary entrepreneurs around the world.

My approach to business coaching and consulting is transformational and holistic, because YOU are the individual at the center of your business. And, as a creative visionary, led by your intuition and the waterfall of ideas constantly knocking on your door, you know full well that your life and your business are interconnected.

"Willo always gave me time and space to do things at my own pace - mentally, spiritually and physically. 

Over the initial six months, I experienced tremendous growth, and continue to grow with Willo's support and patience. She is an extraordinary coach that supports people as the whole person that they are - mind, body and spirit. 

KRISTINA LOUISE WELZIEN  //  Wellness Studio Founder + Hair Designer

"Willo the alchemist... she's one of a kind!

I am in awe of how Willo was able to pull the articulation of my gifts right out of me. I felt a huge shift and awakening to who I am and my purpose. Willo held this space of safety while being like an alchemist - facilitating the unearthing of a stone in my gut and turning it into light.

ALTHEA MCGEE //  Writer, Singer, Explorer & Philosopher

Now included in the LightMap Program

Magnetize your win win clients is now part of the LightMap program, an 8 week program for wildly creative, spiritual, visionary women!

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