Align your mindset and vibration for abundant expansion in your life & business!

You may not know it, but you are actually an extremely talented storyteller. Through your emotionally anguished tales you may have completely convinced yourself you don’t know how, that you’ll never be good enough, or that the failure (or success) of your business ideas will ruin your health, your relationships and your life.

Wow, Oscar worthy plot lines!

And while it can be easy to sit in a dark theatre, snacking on popcorn while safely watching death-defying stunts and vulnerable confessions acted out by strangers, it’s way more challenging when it’s you in the movie, trying to move things forward and birth your big ideas into the world!

Our minds are brilliant machines, designed to create.

However, unmonitored, our minds can start piecing together stories from our deepest doubts and fears that begin slowing us down or worse - stop us dead in our tracks; feeling defeated, desperate and stuck - often before we even get started.

Here’s what I know to be true: It’s ALL about perspective. And we have the gift within us to shift our perspective on a dime, and step into living the life we WANT.

If that sounds familiar this workshop is for you!

Get instant access and Rewrite Your Scripts Today!

In this video workshop we’ll be surfacing your gremlins, so they no longer can lurk and whisper mean thoughts to you subconsciously. I’ll walk you through a powerful process to help you REWRITE your scripts, and get you moving forward again with aligned purpose & energy! 

This workshop is for you if...

You're Ready to GROW Your Business 

online or offline - in ways that are aligned with your soul. 

You're Ready to Get Out of Your Own Way

and unapologetically share your gifts with the world.

You're Hungry for Practical Guidance & Experienced Wisdom

to help you clarify and catalyze your next steps.

It will give you keys for clarifying, integrating and living in alignment with your big vision. Let's get you back on the path of creating the life and business you desire!

Rewrite Your Scripts has been a very successful in-person workshop!

I have historically only run this workshop in-person, in Hong Kong. But now - no matter where you live - you have the opportunity to experience this process online from the comfort of your own home or office!

See what attendees have said about this powerful process...

Siobhan Barnes
Founder & Career Coach
Neon Life Society

"A wonderful opportunity to truly open up and get real with how things are going"

I feel like I can see what's been holding me back and I am now excited to get out of my own way and get creative, serve, show up, and be seen.

Thank you, Willo.

Jill Marshall
Founder, Pause Studio & Jill Marshall Pilates

"Today was awesome!"

I'm feeling inspired, a warm tribal connection, and less scared! I loved the flow, the content, and the vibe. For me this was mind/body/spirit emotional wellness, plus business boost wonderment.

Thank you!

​Lavina R.
Merchandising Manager

"This workshop opened my eyes that I am not alone..."

This helped me realize I can start my own business – it is not too late to do it right! 

I learned a lot about myself from hearing other's stories...

I too can be a badass woman!

Willo Sana //  Heart-Centered Business Coach

​I am a Doula for Hatching Big Ideas.

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve launched several creative small businesses of my own over the last 15 years. I have served as co-founder for two startups and I’ve developed multiple online programs, workshops and in-person retreats focused on serving and supporting other creative, visionary entrepreneurs around the world.

My approach to business coaching and consulting is transformational and holistic, because YOU are the individual at the center of your business. And, as a creative visionary, led by your intuition and the waterfall of ideas constantly knocking on your door, you know full well that your life and your business are interconnected.

"Love Willo's positive energy, it's infectious.

Good to be reminded how to kick the gremlins away. My "new story" has given me the motivation that I need to get my tasks done!

"We rise by lifting others." This was a great chance to share and learn with other dynamic, entrepreneurial women.

The workshop process reinforced what I need to move forward and gave me some tools for getting started. I've come away feeling motivated and energized!

What's Included?

Instant Access to the 60-min Online Video Workshop.

USD $49  USD $79

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