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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all of Willo's articles and videos?

All of Willo’s articles, interviews and video tips can be found on her main site, under Free Resources.

How do I recover or change my password?

How do I edit my profile or email address?

You must be logged in to edit your profile. Once you are logged in, click here to edit your profile. You’ll also notice a link to ‘Edit Profile’ is always available under the Member Details area in the column on the right.

How can I update/customize my profile photo?

Profile images are automatically pulled from Gravatar. We recommend you set up a free account on Gravatar and upload the photo of your choice in correlation with the email address you’ve used to register here.

If you are a current client, please communicate with us via Slack.

If none of the questions above answer yours, please contact us using the form below: